What We Do

Inspiring insights that help individuals realize their innate wellbeing.

What We Do

The Insight Alliance uncovers the natural resilience and innate mental health all human beings already have inside them. It teaches a simple understanding of how our feelings, experience and state of mind works; an understanding that enables people to thrive in any circumstances.

Prospective outcomes of programs include a decrease in stress and depression; improved relationships, increased feelings of connection and trust, reduced levels of obsessive and judgmental thinking; increased desire to access education/jobs; a decrease in the probability of recidivism and/ or relapse and generally feeling more of their natural wellbeing.

Work in Prison

We offer our 10 week Insight to Wellbeing program in three Oregon Correctional Facilities: Columbia River Correctional Institution (CRCI), Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (CCCF) and MacLaren Youth Facility. We will soon be adding Oregon State Correctional Institution. Our groups run four times a year so we can keep up with the demand for our program. Alongside these programs we run Mentor training programs for our graduates so they have the opportunity to learn more, go deeper and also support their peers. Later this year we will be introducing our ‘Insight to Business program’ at CRCI and CCCF.

Work in the Community

  • We offer ongoing support to our graduates as they leave prison. We run weekly drop-in meetings at NedSpace, downtown Portland.
  • We run teacher training programs for people wanting to join our team. This includes some of our past participants. They also act as mentors of other people being released from prison who need our support.
  • We assisting in employment, housing and education when we can.


  • Serve 300 individuals a year
  • Administer 6 concurrent 10 week programs per quarter, 3 at Columbia River Correctional Institution, 1 at MacLaren Youth prison, 2 Coffee Creek medium security women’s prison. Soon to start a program at Oregon State Correctional Institution.
  • We run Teacher training programs and develop apprentices to become Mentors and teachers at The Insight Alliance.
  • We offer 10 Week programs in the Community which are open to the public as well as our past participants.
  • Develop Post-Release programs for formerly incarcerated individuals to sustain wellness.
  • Establish and conduct empirical research with Pacific University to record efficacy and success. This is a two year study and will be completed this year. Our initial findings are very positive. When complete we will be an Evidence Based Practise.
  • We are allied with other organisations to help our participants with education, employment and housing post release.
What We Do

The Insight Alliance is based on the Three Principles: Mind, Consciousness and Thought.


The formless energy behind life; The Universal intelligence that enables all life to exist and thrive.

“Mind is the energy of all things, whether in form or formless.” —Syd Banks


Gives us our ability to experience life. It allows people to be aware of their experience they create via Thought, like our own inner special effects team.

“To have an emotion or feeling one must have a Thought to create the feeling, plus Consciousness to be aware of it.” —Syd Banks


What gives us our moment to moment experience of life. Everything we experience in life comes through our ability to think. The Power of Thought is the common denominator of all humans to create their experience from within.

“Thought is a spiritual power, but on it’s own it really has no power. Thought itself is completely neutral. It’s not until you put your ideas into that thought that that thought gets its power. What you put into that thought, whether it be negative or positive or whatever, it will manifest itself into actual experience.” —Syd Banks