What We Do

Inspiring insights that help individuals realize their innate wellbeing.

The Insight Alliance uncovers the natural resilience and innate mental health all human beings already have inside them. It teaches a simple understanding of how our feelings, experience and state of mind works; an understanding that enables people to thrive in any circumstances.

Prospective outcomes of programs include a decrease in stress and depression; improved relationships, increased feelings of connection and trust, reduced levels of obsessive and judgmental thinking; increased desire to access education/jobs; a decrease in the probability of recidivism and/ or relapse and generally feeling more of their natural wellbeing.


Our Programs allow participants to access their innate self-esteem and intelligence, to free themselves from conditioned habits of thinking, and to become better equipped to address adverse conditions in their lives. The aim of these programs is improved wellbeing and lived experience for the participants.


We help people move beyond the limitations of their own thoughts to find more peace of mind and experience more clarity in their thinking. From a quieter state of mind we get less caught up in our negative thinking, we more easily tap into our innate wisdom and authentic nature, and life’s ups and downs become much easier to navigate. 


  • Serve 300 individuals a year
  • Administer 6 concurrent 10 week programs per quarter, 3 at Columbia River Correctional Institution, 1 at Santiam Correctional Institution, 2 Coffee Creek medium security women’s prison. Soon to start a program at MacLaren Youth prison.
  • We run six month Mentor training programs in the community. Developing apprentices to become Mentors and teachers at The Insight Alliance
  • Develop Post-Release programs for formerly incarcerated individuals to sustain wellness.
  • Establish and conduct empirical research program to record efficacy and success. (Similar studies are currently being conducted in the United Kingdom, with significant, measured success.)
  • We are allied with other organisations to help our participants with education, employment and housing post release.