“Anna’s use of the principles as a paradigm is clear-sighted and sharp, and she fosters an environment in which the insights can arise from within.  Anna persistently breaks through the seriousness of heavy feelings that result in reaction to a seemingly overwhelming external reality with a playful reminder that our experience is created in the interior landscape of thought. This playfulness is usually attended with the reminder that a return to the present moment opens a gap wherein new thought is always possible”.

Monica Mueller – Philosophy Professor at Portland State University

“My work with Anna has been life changing! Anna is very insightful and validating always consistent with her messaging about the truth.
That truth is that I am innately whole just as I am right now. Her teaching has been transformative reminding me that I can be as happy as the thoughts I choose to believe no matter what is going on around me”.

Robert Walker – Texas

“Anna is so wonderful to work with. After years of being in and out of therapy, it is extremely refreshing to work with someone who doesn’t want me to dwell on the past. Anna has helped me gain a clearer understanding of the principles and approaching every day as an opportunity for something new and transformative”.

KR – ADX, Portland

“I love having Anna on my team, and working with her. I am now seeing and believing in myself too (and definitely seeing tangible results!). And although life is throwing its usual challenges at me, I have a new level of trust, confidence and excitement that is invaluable!”

Heather McFarlin – Artist and Universal Tao Practitioner, USA

 “Anna Debenham has proven to be both a trusted mentor and insightful teacher in her classes at The Columbia River Correctional Institution. Inmates who participate in her class frequently talk of how the course has helped them to feel more at peace with who they are. As inmates progress through the class they are challenged to break out of old ways of seeing themselves and to begin to tap into their inner resources to maintain a state of well-being.  The end result has been a noticeable reduction in anger, depression and anxiety amongst the participants in the class.”

Chaplain Phil Holbrook –  Columbia River Correctional Institution

“Over the last year Anna has literally taught/helped me to see life through a new pair of glasses. Mine were often blurred and sometimes tricky, and surprisingly difficult to take off. After my work with Anna they are more wholly self loving, less up tight and a much more enlightening pair – they are mine and the best pair of specs I could possibly ever see through.”
Jess Collet – Milliner, UK

“Anna helped me focus on what I needed to do, when I should do it and what my goals were. Most importantly, she helped me gain confidence in my own ability again. Not by instruction but by helping me clarify my thoughts and trust my instincts.”
Izzy Hunt – Designer, UK

“In a single conversation you have given me back much of the confidence I have lost over the years and helped me to see that it is my thought patterns more than anything else that are holding me back. I know that this realisation will help me in other areas of my life, not just work, and it is something I will continue to work on…Your enthusiasm and passion is contagious and your genuine warmth made you so easy to work with.”

Sally, Brighton, UK

“The coaching Anna has given me over the last year has been absolutely spot on. I have found our sessions tremendously helpful, and she’s supported me through some big decisions. She has energy, warmth and insightfulness and is not afraid to challenge me – which has been what I wanted, and needed.”

Emily Monford – RSPCA, UK

“The safe space Anna created helped me tackle and process the challenges I faced in creating a peaceful and centered life. Her supportive and thoughtful reflection helped my to realize I had the power to make the positive changes I was looking for. The insight I gained from working with her is still very much a part of my daily life.”

Stacey Bakenroth –  CUNY, USA

“Anna is wonderful because she understands so many facets of the human condition, and why people fall into certain behaviour patterns. She is strong and encouraging. She understands when one might need a little space or kindness to process that last big breakthrough, but won’t let you go entirely. Her knowledge, support and wisdom have helped me immensely.”

Stacy Paczan – RE-PUBLIC. Seattle, USA

“Anna Debenham is incredibly intuitive, objective and supportive, and was able to help me get over blocks I had been stumbling with for ages. Together we formed an action plan, which has already helped me to make a career change, to help me return to work.”

Sarah Wright – Graphic Designer, UK

“Anna is a refreshing person to work with as a life coach as she assimilates all her experiences of life into her work making it, as it says on the packet, ‘coaching about life’! All these factors play their part in her work, making her a dynamic person to work with . Ideas become realities and nothing is ever limited by thought; it is all about unlocking potential.”

Philippa Frisby – yoga teacher and film maker, UK

“We’re honored to be fiscal sponsor for The Insight Alliance.  The approach taught by Anna is  proven in its capacity to give people the understanding of their internal and external lives, and to restore the creative, generous, open nature with which we are all born.  That in turn will help us accomplish our mission:  eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”

Susan Stoltenberg – Executive Director YWCA