Last year The Insight Alliance joined forces with One Solution in Chicago and the Spark Initiative in Florida to create the IOS collective. Founded on the idea that what we can do alone is nothing compared to what we can do together. The three organizations do similar work, just with different populations. One Solution works with inner city Chicago kids and youth in Palestine and Israel, The Spark Initiative works with troubled youth and in the school system. We’re united under a common mission: Uncovering the capacity of our mind to create individual, community, and systemic change. 

On Sunday we had our first live video call between One Solutions youth – ‘Rebels for Peace’ and The Insight Alliance prison graduates. “It was amazing to hear them share stories of how learning about their mind has helped them in life. There is such a sense of being in the same boat and learning as we go along. We are all humans doing our best given what currently seems real to us and when a new reality appears a new life can follow. “ Mara Gleason One Solution.

In this 3 minute video we made together we highlight how in very different communities we can see remarkable reduction in systemic violence, conflict, intolerance and bullying by teaching a new understanding of the mind that increases mental resilience and changes the thinking that drives those issues.