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A Huge Thank You and A Very Happy 2020!

December 30th, 2019|

We've had an incredible year at The Insight Alliance. With your help we've been able to touch more people's lives. Here are a few highlights: Started our program in MacLaren Youth Prison 6 months ago. Completed our first year of research with Pacific Uni at Coffee Creek women's prison. On to our second round of teacher training, which includes some past participants from prison. Partnering with OJRC (Oregon Justice Resource Center) to offer our program at Oregon State Correctional Institution to support the youth who age out of the youth system into adult prison. We developed a robust curriculum [...]

Insights from Prison – The Holiday Season

December 16th, 2019|

The six weeks of the holiday season can be especially challenging for people in prison. There are more suicide attempts and many more people go to seg (solitary confinement) - getting into trouble and reacting to people and life around them. Some are on suicide watch. Last week in [...]

Collective Community Change Conference

December 10th, 2019|

The Insight Alliance is  excited to announce the Collective Community Change Conference with our partners One Solution in Chicago and The Spark Initiative in Tampa. The IOS Collective was founded on the idea that what we can do alone is nothing compared to what we can do together. Over [...]

Autumn Update

November 27th, 2019|

We loved everything about our Fundraiser on Nov 7th. The evening was such a wonderful culmination of a really big year for The Insight Alliance. Thank you to all who came out to support us, we really appreciated it. If you weren't able to attend, here is a short [...]

Insights from Prison – Overcoming Tourettes

October 29th, 2019|

Some weeks ago, on a boiling hot Wednesday evening, I was leading one of our groups in the mens prison. One participant, JH,  was getting really restless and agitated as the room was pretty toasty. To be fair it was bloody hot. 28 men in a room with no [...]

Fall Newsletter and Ted Talk!

October 15th, 2019|

We’ve had a wonderfully busy and eventful summer/fall here at The Insight Alliance. Here are a few of the highlights: -We just completed our first 10 week program at MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility which was a great success. At the end of the 10 weeks the youth felt more [...]

Our research with Pacific University and the DOC

September 16th, 2019|

When we met with Coffee Creek Correctional Facility 2 years ago, they told us we would need to do a research project to show the efficacy of our program. We took that to heart and formed a partnership with the PhD professor, Dr Sarah Bowen, from the Psychology Department [...]

Prison Podcast #3 Meet Eve

August 13th, 2019|

This is the third of our prison podcast excerpts. Meet Eve. Eve is a transgender woman doing time in a men's prison. This comes with its own challenges as you can imagine. Having gone through our program and continued with our mentor training Eve navigates the ups and downs [...]

Prison Podcast #2 Meet Damien

July 30th, 2019|

Following on from last week's podcast snippet with Angel, meet Damien. Damien is a war veteran, in prison for a shoot out with some police officers. He has seen enormous transformation coming through our program and in this 10 min podcast excerpt he talks about what that looks like. [...]

Podcast in prison! Meet Angel

July 21st, 2019|

We had the exciting opportunity to partner with Dave Dahl on his podcast, Felony Inc., with Mark Grimes from NedSpace as producer, to do a special podcast from Columbia River Correctional Institution. We interviewed three of our Insight participants: Angel, who's been in prison many times over the last [...]

Insights from the Women’s Prison – SA

May 23rd, 2019|

About a year ago we embarked on a research project with Pacific University and the DOC in order to measure the effectiveness of our program with people in prison and after they get out. This means we have a ‘pre-class’ before our 10 week program actually starts. This is where [...]

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