Who We Are

Meet the Team

Anna Debenham, Founder

Anna considers herself a “mental health plumber,” having worked in private practice and multidisciplinary healing and support teams for two decades in the U.S., Australia, and the U.K. In 2017, Anna created The Insight Alliance in 2017. When she’s not attempting to end recidivism in Oregon and beyond, Anna enjoys travel and refereeing her husband and their dog Ruby as they race each other up the Willamette.


Monica Mueller

Monica is a curious human being with far too many interests to list. Aside from helping deliver programs for the Insight Alliance, she also teaches philosophy at Portland State University. She got involved with The Insight Alliance because she thinks prisons generate problems and rarely offer solutions. The “Insight to Wellbeing” courses offered through The Insight Alliance are transformative and radical. “It is liberating to remember we don’t need to believe and react to everything we think.”

Brandon Brown

I’ve been apart of the Insight to Wellbeing program since Anna started teaching at Columbia River Correctional Institution 3 years ago. I have been apart of the Insight Alliance since day one. This understanding helped quiet my mind and keep me focused. I’m currently working an awesome career at Rapid Response Bio Clean, I’m buying my first home, becoming a full time parent and overcoming obstacles daily. I’m with the Insight Alliance because I believe in our message and the people.

Roxanne Thomas

As a firm believer in the healing power of ‘Insight to Wellbeing,’ Roxanne’s hope is to share it with as many people possible. She is a mother, yoga instructor, and entrepreneur. For the past ten years Roxanne has volunteered with incarcerated youth sharing yoga and helping with reentry back into the community. “We are all in this world together, to lift each other up helps to make our communities better, not only now but for future generations.”

Kary Youman

Kary is a heart-centered human with 10+ years of professional experience cultivating relationships and helping people break through limiting beliefs with a specialized focus on mentorship of inner-city youth. He has experience interfacing directly with people from all walks of life and has played a role in facilitating workshops around topics such as growth, change management, youth empowerment, customer relations, digital marketing, peak performance, stress management, diversity in the work-place, and nonviolent communication. Since speaking at TEDxPortland in April 2019, his passion for storytelling has reignited and transformed into a burning desire to share his life experiences on and off stage with young adults interested in developing their self-esteem, professional speaking, and communication skills.

Mason Suehs

Mason is an ex addict and an ex felon. He has a bachelors in public health. Mason is passionate about the understanding of the mind we share in prison. He is currently in the process of becoming one of our teachers, where he will continue to spread this work. Mason says that for the first time he’s experiencing well being in his everyday life.

Ruthie Crawford

Owner of Harlow Jewelry and Ruthie & Olive jewelry. Ruthie is passionate about supporting and empowering women in the community. She works with The Insight Alliance to help point people to their own power and nature within.

Nikki Weaver

Nikki is the Education Director and Co-Founder of Portland Playhouse. She currently teaches theatre and poetry at Coffee Creek Correctional alongside of Carla Grant, Open Hearts Open Minds Executive Director. She is inspired by storytelling, truth seekers, and adventure. When not in a theatre you can find her leading international women’s retreats or chasing her two young girls, Margot and Elliette.

Charles Kingsley

Charles has forty years of development experience with individuals, smaller and larger businesses, and communities in the US and overseas. He is passionate about helping people and groups uncover and bring to life what is special and unique and feels really good.


Robyn Tenenbaum, Board Chair

Robyn is a Producer. She has produced events from public radio shows to large scale music festivals.  Early in her career, she honed her skills working for the legendary Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco, working on festivals and ticketing for icons ranging from The Rolling Stones to HH Dalai Lama. In 2003, following her move to Portland, Robyn co-created and produced Live Wire Radio, a live public radio show that is now heard each week by over 300k people around the country. In 2018, after 15 years as Executive Producer, she stepped away to pursue new life adventures and to find other ways to make a difference in her community. Robyn brings expertise in non-profit management, strategy, growing networks and producing things.

Glenn Dahl, Board Treasurer

Glenn started Visual Sky Funding in 2014. Former CEO of Dave’s Killer Bread and board member until 2015. He was former chair of SE Works and continues to be on the board and has been involved with the organization since 2011. He works tirelessly in the community to help support organizations that are making a positive difference in people’s lives. Glenn’s expertise is in extensive networking: multiple year business owner and board experience, financial oversight, and knowledge of working in prison programs.

Amelia Pape, Board Secretary

Amelia is a social entrepreneur with a decade of experience working with startups, national and international nonprofits, and Fortune 500 corporations to build effective impact strategies, teams, and programs. She recently founded ALICE, an impact strategy group that partners with innovators to achieve strategic clarity, uncover meaningful identities, and maximize positive impact. She provides business strategy and social impact support for The Insight Alliance. Amelia holds an MBA with a focus in social enterprise models.

Karl Armstrong

Recently was released from 15 years in prison and now working at Sierra Springs. Karl is an active volunteer for The Insight Alliance. Karl co-founded Liberation Literacy at Columbia River Correctional Institution – building social justice literacy in prisons in order to re-imagine and re-articulate the relationship between incarceration, our community, and ourselves. Karl brings extensive knowledge of the prison system, the needs of former and present inmates, and serves as an advocate for the incarcerated population.

Patty Merrill

Bookstore owner, owner of a restaurant and bed and breakfast, and owner of Cargo Inc. Cargo Inc is 22 years old. We are housed in a 20,000 sq ft. building in the Central Eastside, in Portland. Cargo is also located in Astoria, Oregon. I was a Ceramics instructor and it still continues to be my passion along with travel, gardening, all things handmade and books. Patty brings expertise in business ownership and expanding our networks.

Barbara Patterson

Barbara is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company that brings the insights of State of Mind to clients around the world. She helps leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of performance in work and life. Barb has lived and worked in Europe and the US. She has over 20 years experience coaching and working globally as both an internal executive and outside consultant. Her diverse global portfolio includes working with both large and small organizations and their leaders, supporting entrepreneurs in growing their businesses and mentoring other coaches.