“In my experience, three of the most crucial components for someone’s success are wellness, mentorship, and employment. The two programs offered at Columbia River Correctional lnstitution (CRCI ) through the lnsight Alliance offers a roadmap for the Adults in Custody to follow. These classes are pivotal for their success. l’ve heard first hand testimony from many AlCs how the lnsight to Wellbeing class has inspired them and changed their lives. As Correctional Rehabilitation Manager of CRCI I am forever grateful for programming opportunities like lnsight to Wellbeing. The work Anna Debenham and her team provides is extremely impactful, sustaining, and necessary. I am truly grateful for their partnership”

James Hanley – Correctional Rehabilitation Manager CRCI

“Anna’s use of the principles as a paradigm is clear-sighted and sharp, and she fosters an environment in which the insights can arise from within.  Anna persistently breaks through the seriousness of heavy feelings that result in reaction to a seemingly overwhelming external reality with a playful reminder that our experience is created in the interior landscape of thought. This playfulness is usually attended with the reminder that a return to the present moment opens a gap wherein new thought is always possible”.

Monica Mueller – Philosophy Professor at Portland State University

“My work with Anna has been life changing! Anna is very insightful and validating always consistent with her messaging about the truth.
That truth is that I am innately whole just as I am right now. Her teaching has been transformative reminding me that I can be as happy as the thoughts I choose to believe no matter what is going on around me”.

Robert Walker – Texas

“It’s literally like a light switch was flipped. I no longer have run away thoughts that quickly turn to action. I find it far more easy to listen to my inner voice before reacting. This class has changed my life. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have taken Insight to Wellbeing and been shown the way. This class should be offered in schools!

Steph – Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (graduate)

“Anna is so wonderful to work with. After years of being in and out of therapy, it is extremely refreshing to work with someone who doesn’t want me to dwell on the past. Anna has helped me gain a clearer understanding of the principles and approaching every day as an opportunity for something new and transformative”.

KR – ADX, Portland

 “Anna Debenham has proven to be both a trusted mentor and insightful teacher in her classes at The Columbia River Correctional Institution. Inmates who participate in her class frequently talk of how the course has helped them to feel more at peace with who they are. As inmates progress through the class they are challenged to break out of old ways of seeing themselves and to begin to tap into their inner resources to maintain a state of well-being.  The end result has been a noticeable reduction in anger, depression and anxiety amongst the participants in the class.”

Chaplain Phil Holbrook –  Columbia River Correctional Institution

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to teach this course. It has been a life changer for me and opened my eyes to knowing I’m OK no matter what. I feel a great peace, like a weight that I had created is lifted and I can leave it all in the past where it belongs. 

Mary – Coffee Creek Correctional Facility (graduate)


“Insight to Wellbeing assist the women in developing resilience. Many of the women incarcerated have suffered some form of trauma in their life time, building resiliency and self-efficacy is a vital key toward positive behavior change in their lives. Insight to Wellbeing allows the women in custody to regain self awareness by understanding how their own thoughts impacts their view and experience of life. The women who have taken the class have reported a higher level of understanding of themselves, their life goals and a vision by which that might be achieved. They have reported having an awakening of the person they want to be, a transformation. Without Anna and Insight to Wellbeing, the unique characteristics of her class do not exist.” 

Elizabeth LaCarney – Correctional Rehabilitation Manager at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility

It has helped me to understand that I experience toe world from the inside not the outside. I started to judge myself less and realize that my feelings are a reflection of my thoughts. It has helped me to get out of my head quicker when I’m feeling low. It has helped me to mentor other youth on the unit I live on. Insight Alliance is kick ass. We should have this program offered to all facilities.

Ezequiel – MacLaren Youth Facility (graduate)

This course has impacted my relationship with my thoughts and feelings by knowing my thoughts don’t always deserve a reaction. Something I learned that is very helpful to my life is that I am good no matter what I have going on.

De’von – MacLaren Youth Facility (graduate)

This class has changed the way I experience life. My whole life I’ve felt a lot of anxiety, but I haven’t since taking this course. I have a better understanding and control; of my thoughts. I feel more love, understanding and positivity towards everyone.

Blue – MacLaren Youth Facility (graduate)

This program has helped me realise I don’t need to act on every thought. I can let them pass like clouds in the sky. I feel less shame and more in touch with who I really am. This program is a game changer that should be taught everywhere. I wish I had learned these things in childhood.

Mike – Columbia River Correctional Institution (graduate)

“Anna Debenham is incredibly intuitive, objective and supportive, and was able to help me get over blocks I had been stumbling with for ages. Together we formed an action plan, which has already helped me to make a career change, to help me return to work.”

Sarah Wright – Graphic Designer, UK

 I realise now I don’t have to wallow in my pity. I can be a third party observer of my thoughts. Chasing chickens is a messy busy! It has allowed me to find balance and clear my head leaving room for rational responses instead of reactions.  I feel like my heart and my head are in sync and no longer in conflict. This program has had a really positive impact on my relationships. I feel like this experience should be shared in elementary school for everyone.

Kyle – Columbia River Correctional Institution (graduate)

“We were honored to be fiscal sponsor for The Insight Alliance.  The approach taught by Anna is  proven in its capacity to give people the understanding of their internal and external lives, and to restore the creative, generous, open nature with which we are all born.  That in turn will help us accomplish our mission:  eliminate racism, empower women and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.”

Susan Stoltenberg – Executive Director YWCA