About Us

The Insight Alliance works in prisons and in the community with a simple focus: Understanding the limitless nature of the human mind, and recognizing our own innate wellbeing. Everything we need to thrive already exists within us.

Founder’s Story

In 2015, Anna Debenham went to prison. Her route to the Big House had nothing to do with crime. In a lifelong search for lasting peace of mind, Anna had came across a groundbreaking approach to life and work that had her excited to learn more.

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Who We Are

Anna Debenham is the founder of this vibrant and growing organisation. We have a dedicated team of teachers and mentors that currently work in three Oregon prisons, and soon to add a fourth – Oregon State Correctional Institution.

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Hear directly from those who have worked with the Insight Alliance to gain a better understanding of their impact in prisons and in the community.

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Our Partners